Little heath primary school (cv6 7fn)

Little heath primary school (cv6 7fn)

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Little Heath Primary School is one of the oldest schools in the Coventry area.

The school was first established in the late eighteen hundreds and was located further along Old Church Road.

The painting below shows what the school looked like at the time (why not have a look at Memories Of Little Heath Primary School located at the bottom right of this page, here can read what it was like to go to the old Little Heath Primary School in 1930's). 
 The school was then moved to its present location in Spring Road where it shares the ground with Good Shepherd Catholic School.

Below is a picture of the school.
As you can see it is very different from the old school, with equipment spread around for the children to play on.

This equipment was installed with the help of Lottery Funding and Seed Challenge.

The equipment is used daily by the children during breaks.

They have a variety of equipment from a chain bridge, stepping poles, parallel bars and balance beams.

The Reception class also have a new outdoor classroom area so that they can enjoy the fun of learning in the safety of thier own play area.

All children are supervised at all times during all school breaks.

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